Sunday, January 20, 2008


The purpose of this web log is a simple one. It happens very frequently that I’ll finish a book, reflect on it for a short time, replace it on the shelf, and then reach for the next one. Fine and good. What I’m not doing, however, is writing down my thoughts on these books, thereby depriving myself of an opportunity to articulate my reaction to them, to put into words my own critical reflections. This, in turn, creates a sort of non-hermeneutic circle: that is, knowing that I won’t be expected to state my reaction to a given book, I don’t read it as critically as I should. The point of this web log, therefore, is to provide a medium for reflection on, and engagement with, the books I read – or at least those worth thinking about. Anyone wishing to discuss or argue with me is more than welcome to post comments.

My choice of books, as well as my reflections on these books, will likely be both eccentric and eclectic. My primary academic interest is, broadly defined, Orthodox Christian theology. I also have a strong interest in literature and literary theory and criticism. Naturally, of special interest to me is the nexus between Christianity and literature. I’m not going to produce polished and comprehensive essays, but rather notes or reflections of points of particular interest to me.

I will also use this web log to post various short papers I've written in the past, the hard copies of which provide a fire hazard, and the computer copies just waiting to be accidentally wiped from my hard drive.

With that out of the way, let the games begin!

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Anonymous said...

Ave Felix! Wonderful blog, congratulations! May our God provide you with all wisdom and power to serve Him faithfully.
Felis Tigris