Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday of St Gregory Palamas

Today, the second Sunday of Great Lent, is dedicated to the memory of St Gregory Palamas, whose life and teachings are held in such high esteem that they qualify as a second Triumph of Orthodoxy. There is so much that could be said that, for the moment, I'll direct you to others who can write about St Gregory Palmas much better than I'd ever be able:
  • Works of St Gregory Palamas in Greek from the Patrologia Graeca.
  • Excerpt from the original life of St Gregory, by Patriarch Philotheos of Constantinople; short life; longer life.
  • Fr John Romanides, Notes on the Palamite Controversy and Other Topics: Part 1, Part 2.
Troparion, tone eight:
O Gregory the Wonderworker, light of Orthodoxy, support and teacher of the Church, glory of monks and invincible protector of theologians, pride of Thssalonica and preacher of grace, pray without ceasing for the salvation of our souls.
Kontakion, tone eight:
Holy and divine instrument of wisdom, joyful trumpet of theology, with one accord we sing thy praises, O Gregory inspired by God. But since thou standest now in mind and spirit before the Original Mind, guide our minds to Him, O father, that we may cry to thee: Hail, preacher of grace.
Time permitting, I will put down some humble thoughts of my own later in the day.

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