Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday of St John of the Ladder

Today is the Sunday of St John of the Ladder. As has become my practice over the past few Sundays of Lent, I will keep my own chattering to a minimum, offering you instead a variety of links to valuable resources:
  • St John of the Ladder: Very valuable extended passages from The Ladder of Divine Ascent on the themes of vainglory, pride, and humility.
  • St John of the Ladder: Excerpts from steps one to six of The Ladder can be found here; from seven to twelve here; from thirteen to eighteen here; from nineteen to twenty-four here; from twenty-five to twenty-six here; and from twenty-seven to thirty here.
  • St John of the Ladder: short excerpts from The Ladder (in this translation called "The Stairway to Paradise," not by any means to be confused with a certain popular song). More excerpts here.
  • The life of St John of the Ladder; another short life.
  • Metropolitan Philaret of New York: Excerpt from a sermon on St John.
  • An excellent short essay on The Ladder from Orthodox Tradition.
Google is the greatest missionary tool since the printing press!

The above icon is the work of Brian Nikolai Tsai, painted for his Godson Ian in 2004.

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