Thursday, May 7, 2009

In Defense of the Zipper

Who knew that Orthodox monks were an advertising demographic targeted by computer companies? I suppose it should come as no surprise, though. And, for the record, I am yet to meet a monk who has an argument with the zipper. Nabokov's description of Timofey Pnin could apply to most every monk I've met:
On gadgets he gazed with a kind of dazed, superstitious delight. Electric devices enchanted him. Plastics swept him off his feet. He had a deep admiration for the zipper.
Photograph by Eric Cable from the Fourth All-Diaspora Council. This should also put to rest any doubt that Apple is the only canonical computer.


Papa John said...

>>This should also put to rest any doubt that Apple is the only canonical computer<<

Why, of course. This is no mere theolegoumenon.

robert said...

Interesting idea in the video. Makes Wendell Berry's much-maligned objection to computers look rather prescient.

aaronandbrighid said...

On the subject of the Apples, a photo of Archbishop Mark with one at a Synodal meeting in SF prompted the following idea for a Mac advertisement from a friend of mine:

Episcopal klobuk: $200

MacBook Air: $1,300

Watching Bp. Gabriel re-install Windows: Priceless

Alexandre Van de Sande said...

My name is Alex I am the creator of the video. For the record is not really setting monks as an advertising demographic, but more like an argument to make computers less bulky and more able to blend in our daily lives - no matter which kind of life or how many traditions we live.

I love the zipper.. And god, the photo does looks like it could come from a hackers meeting in san francisco ;)

Felix Culpa said...

Aaron: Your comment is indeed priceless!

Alex: Thank you for your clarification. I did very much enjoy your video - I found nothing at all objectionable in it, save the passing reference to the zipper - and I have to admit that the wording of my post was inclined a bit more for "zing" than for accuracy - although you'll have to admit that the title of the video does much the same.

Felix Culpa said...

And, come to think of it, "a hackers meeting in san francisco" is actually not a bad way of describing the Fourth All-Diaspora Council, which did in fact meet in the City on the Bay.

Alexandre Van de Sande said...

Yes, the title was surely a tongue in cheek one. But glad you liked the concept - I have to admit that it was made for tech audiences since my experience with the ortodox Church was a too brief stay in Mount Athos (any time you spend in Mount Athos is too brief), but fo rmy surprise I got a lot of feedback from the church audience.

Out of curiosity how did you come about the video?

Felix Culpa said...

I came across it while Googling something like "Orthodox monks computer" - although now I forget exactly why I was looking for that. Your video was one of the top hits, and I was immediately struck by the title.

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