Wednesday, May 6, 2009

International Orthphoto Exhibition, an internet database of Orthodox Christian photography, is celebrating its fifth year of existence with exhibitions  in Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, and Serbia of its best and most popular photographs (see the schedule here). All the photographs on exhibit, and many more, can be viewed on their site; a good place to begin browsing is here. I reproduce below just a few of the many magnificent photographs on exhibit.

Lazar Lekovic (Serbia), Ras:

Aleksander Wasyluk (Poland), Bishop Kallistos Ware:

Theologos Tats (Greece), Portico at Iveron Monastery:

Nikola Saveljic (Crna Gora, Montenegro), МОНАХ:


Andrew said...

Wow. These are incredible, especially the one with the Serbian police protecting Patriarch Pavle.

Mac an t-Saoir said...

Beautiful. Thank you very much for this post.

Felix Culpa said...

Andrew: I think it highly unlikely that those police are Serbs themselves. More likely they are from the UN.

Brother Juniper said...


Thank you for sharing this site. I scanned through it earlier today and found many beautiful photographs that I might use on my own blog.

Anonymous said...