Saturday, June 12, 2010

On the Day of Communion

Q & A with Fr Job:
Question: How should one behave on the day one has received Communion?

Answer: After Communion one must preserve the holiness. It’s sensible to restrain one’s tongue and to avoid all idle talk. One must flee from everything vain, from the passionate, and in general from everything spiritually unhelpful. One needs to be especially attentive to oneself, because on such a day the enemy without fail tries to lead one into temptation. If Communion was on a weekday, then one must without fail fulfill one’s responsibilities. Nothing hinders working. The opinion that on the day of Communion one cannot kiss icons or the hand of a priest is unfounded. There is no indication of this in the Holy Fathers or the liturgical books. It’s better to restrain from prostrations until evening, because one has received the greatest holy thing: the Body and Blood of the Lord. But if during a moleben everyone falls to their knees, then you can too do so without worrying. The main thing is to be in a joyful disposition and to thank God.

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