Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bishop of the Blogosphere

His Eminence, Archbishop Ignaty of Petropavlosk and Kamchatsky is, if I'm not mistaken, the first ruling Orthodox bishop to start a personal blog. His first entry, from February 7, reads as follows:
Blessings to everyone interested in my diary.

Everyday the Lord places me in situations requiring reflection and prayer, and sometimes the participation of people close to me. "Truth is in the counsel of many," writes the great Elder Abba Dorotheus. I would be glad for the participation of anyone who would like to show it.
The blog will likely consist largely of Vladyka Ignaty's interaction with his readers by answering their questions regarding matters of faith. If you can read Russian it's very much worth a look.

UPDATE: Attentive reader Misha has pointed out that His Eminence, Metropolitan Ambrose of Kalavryta and Egiala (Church of Greece), also has a personal blog (in Greek).


The Student said...

The best I could do to enter into the Bishop's blog was to try to translate it for myself using "Babelfish" (http://babelfish.altavista.com/tr)

This is what I got for the post that you translated:

First communication Blessings to each, who will interest herself in my diary. Each day the Lord places me in such situations, which require reflection and prayer, and sometimes also the participation of close people. "truth in the council of many", writes the great old man of avva Of dorofey. I will be rad to the participation of any, who will want to appear it.

I'll have to depend on the translation of others I think.

Felix Culpa said...

"I will be rad"!

Vladyka Ignaty is even hipper than I imagined!

The Student said...

Might have just found a better way to translate through Google here's his page in English

The Student said...

It all didn't fit so here it is. I had to press the "enter" key to drop the text to the next line to fit on this page so perhaps one won't be able to cut and paste to the search box. I'm not sure.

All the best.
Thank-you for making us aware of this blog

Felix Culpa said...

That might help you get the basic gist of things, but I rather imagine it might miss some of the spiritual nuances of the original.

To understand the first translation you posted one would have to know quite a lot about Kabbalah to interpret it.

Misha said...

metropolitan Amvrosios from the Church of Greece has also his personal blog.
it's in greek.

Felix Culpa said...

Thanks, Misha!

I've updated the post, as you can see.

Anonymous said...

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