Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sharia-Based Limerick

I haven't the slightest interest in jumping into the fray that's arisen since Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, made his controversial remarks about the incorporation of some aspects of Islamic sharia law into British law. Instead I'll simply replicate Benjamin Myers' ingenious limerick from his blog, Faith and Theology:
An archbishop once gave an oration
On religion and law in our nation;
When we heard what he said
We all stoned him down dead,
To protect our great civilisation.

I might as well take this occasion to recommend highly the Get Religion website, which monitors and comments on the media's coverage of topics of religious concern (see the introductory post for an explanation that makes rather more sense). It's also simply a good way to keep up on news from the religious world – although that's not its primary mission. Founder and contributer Terry Mattingly (tmatt) is, incidentally, a parishioner of Holy Cross Antiochian Orthodox Church in Linthicum, MD (near Baltimore).

UPDATE: For those who are in fact interested in the whole Rowan Williams debacle, it seems to me that this gentleman is the only person who's actually understood what the Archbishop was driving at. (H/t to Mr. Meyers.) Incidentally, that same gentleman has a really stellar serious of detailed posts (beginning here) responding to Professor Dawkin's truly awful new book (to which I will no longer link; it's already too darn easy to find).

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