Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another Russian Orthodox Priest Murdered

Article via Orthodoxy and the World (with some minor editing):
A Russian Orthodox priest was shot in Chuvashia before the evening service in Chuvashia, Russia, on Saturday, April 24.

Archpriest Anatoly Sorokin from Chuvashia was shot before the evening service, says Bishop Savvaty of Buratia in his blog.

The Rector of the St. Nicholas Church in Yantikovo and father of five children, he came from a very religious family and was always very cheerful, says Bishop Savvaty.

His wife said to Bishop Savvaty that Fr. Anatoly was shot in the back and that the bullet went directly in to the heart. The murderer shot from a short distance.

A criminal case has been initiated. A 47-old villager suspected of the murder has been taken in custody.

With the saints grant rest,
O Christ,
to the soul of Thy servant,
Archpriest Anatoly,
where there is neither sickness,
nor sorrow,
nor sighing,
but life everlasting.


Anonymous said...

According to Bishop Savvaty in the comments (and news reports), the suspect is allegedly "mentally" sick, as they say, but, as we know, the devil uses any means... As with the last murder of a priest, Fr. Alexander, a drunkard "just happened" to kill a priest that actively fought against that vice.

Fr, Jim Rosselli+ said...

May Fr. Anatoly's memory be eternal. He iasn one of the
people I am looing forward to one day meeting.

May the Lord God comfort this
good man's family, friends and parish/eparchial family. May the
Love of Christ enfold and embrace them to comfort them.

in Christ,

Fr. Jim Rosselli+

javl said...

My heart goes out to the family of Archpriest Anatoly. I will pray for the and the repose of his soul.

Shalom Aleichem
Shalom haMeshiach