Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Dear readers and friends in Christ,

Christ is Risen! Христос Воскресе! Χριστός ἀνέστη!

It's been nearly a year since I last updated this site. A good bit of that time was spent in the hospital, most of the time with a broken computer. Now my health is much improved and, thanks to a generous donation from the website Orthodoxy and the World (Russian version here), I am the proud owner of a new MacBook.

I am as yet undecided how often I'll update, but it will most likely be less frequently than during the two extended periods when I was blogging regularly. My guess is that most new posts will either be reading notes or various thoughts and reflections, with an occasional translation from the Russian thrown in for good measure. I am, as ever, open to suggestions.

So if you see this post, and would like to see more posts, do leave a comment to let me know.

Truly He is Risen! Воистину воскресе! Ἀληθῶς ἀνέστη!


mtg said...

More posts, please.

Felipe Ortiz said...

Truly He is risen!

What wonderful news! Welcome back!

SubDn. Lucas said...

Indeed, He is Risen!

Thank God for your renewed health. I--and many others--greatly look forward to more posts.

-SubDn. Lucas

Papa John said...

Christ is risen!

Welcome back! You have been in my unworthy prayers, and I am thankful for your renewed health.

Priest John in GB

Papa John said...

Oh yes, and congrats on the MacBook. I have one and love it.

orrologion said...

Christ is risen!

Welcome back! You have been much missed. Health to you and fecundity to your blogging.

(Perhaps a little info on you...?)

Trevor-Peter said...

Indeed he is risen! An excellent time to "resurrect" your blog!

Joseph Patterson said...

Indeed He is Risen!

Welcome Back! It is wonderful news that your health has improved.

DebD said...

Indeed He is Risen! So glad to have you back. more posts would be most welcome.

Phil said...

Truly He is risen!

What a great surprise to see you back! I also vote for more posts.

JLB said...

Truly, He is risen!

It is good to read your work again, knowing that you've recovered, Father!

frphoti said...

Christ is Risen!

Good to have you back, and glad to hear you are in better health!

May the Risen Christ have mercy on us all.

(oh, and welcome to Mac)

aaronandbrighid said...

Truly He is risen! Welcome back, Father! I've been rather worried...

Can you still be reached at any of your old e-mail accounts?

Anonymous said...

Truly He is risen!

Welcome back! :)

Thomas said...

Воистину воскресе!

It would be wonderful to read as many posts as you wish to put up.

God be praised that you are feeling better.

Kevin P. Edgecomb said...

Truly He is risen!

Welcome back to health, and to writing, as well.

God is merciful!

Athanasia said...

Indeed He Is Risen!

Glory and thanks to Him for your restored health.

I've missed the posts you put up quite a bit having found them to be quite helpful in my journey. Please continue as you are able.

Happy dancing for the new Macbook.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

He is Risen indeed !

Welcome back ! :-)

Q. said...

Truly He is risen!

Welcome back! How delightful to 'hear' from you again! Continued good health!

Nicholas Park said...

Truly, He is Risen!

This is probably my favorite blog. Glad to have you back.

www.standrewfoolforchrist.org said...

In Truth He is Risen!

So glad to have you back at the keyboard, Father! Glory to God!

Ian Climacus said...

[A much belated] Welcome back!