Thursday, April 29, 2010

Prayer and Non-Orthodox Names

Q & A with Fr Job, installment XII:
Question: May one remember in prayer “for the living” non-Orthodox names?

Answer: There are cases in which, at a Baptism in an Orthodox church, someone keeps the non-Orthodox name given him at birth. Such a person must be commemorated in church, because he is a member of the Church. Handing in a commemoration slip, one must indicate next to his name that he is Baptized into Orthodoxy. If a person is not Baptized Orthodox, then one may pray for him privately.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, as I have learned from personal experience, many people are not even aware of the many names that are genuinely Orthodox. And I'm not talking about obscure names like St. Fructuosis or St. Usthazanes but everyday names like Nathaniel or Feliks.

rabidgandhi said...

Won't St Ahmed be relieved to read this post!