Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fear Factor

Question and Answer with Fr Job, installment II:
Question: May an Orthodox person participate in the program “Fear Factor,” the prize of which is $100,000? If I won I’d give half the prize to the Church. Can I receive a blessing to participate in this game? Is this pleasing to God?

Answer: The participation in games in which people win money without working for it falls under Canon 50 of the Sixth Ecumenical Council: “No one at all, whether cleric or layman, is from this time forward to play at dice. And if anyone hereafter be found doing so, if he be a cleric he is to be deposed, if a layman let him be cut off.” Apostolic canons 42 and 43 also speak of this.


AbbaMoses said...

Thanks for this. Our parish and diocesan camp (like many) have various raffles as fundraisers. In the past I've just bought the ticket as a way of giving to the Church. No more. When asked to buy a raffle ticket I'll try just to make a donation instead.

SubDn. Lucas said...

Should we understand that the spirit of the Canon is such that 'dice games' (e.g. backgammon) that involve no money are acceptable? It seems the intention has mostly to do with gambling?

Athanasia said...

Our parish holds a 'small games of chance' license in order to do raffles. I do not and never did participate in any fashion. This upsets me and I've spoken to the priest about it but it continues because "how else are we to meet the budget?" Our new priest will be preaching on stewardship and the tithe.

Is there anything in this book about that? I would be interested to read it.

Apophatically Speaking said...

There's a lot wrong with Fear Factor, on many levels. Vainglory, avarice, tempting man, entertainment, the list goes on.

Maxim said...

Especially the episode where they had them take their clothes off!

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