Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hieromonk Job's Questions and Answers

I have four times so far translated brief questions and answers with Hieromonk Job (Gumerov) from the Sretensky Monastery in central Moscow: one, two, three, four. Just today I was lent a book in Russian (depicted above) called One Thousand Questions to a Priest, the priest in question being Fr Job. It's an excellent book: Fr Job's answers are clear, concise, correct, and firmly rooted in Scripture and Tradition. I've decided to offer, God willing, a translation of one exchange a day on this blog. The book is arranged systematically by topic, but I'll likely jump around to whatever strikes my interest and, frankly, isn't too long. I hope you'll find these exchanges as profitable as I do!

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Looking forward to this new project!

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