Thursday, April 22, 2010


Q & A with Fr Job, installment VIII:
Question: What does the word “deaconess” mean?

Answer: Deaconesses (Greek diakonissa, servants) in the first centuries were women who dedicated themselves to service in church. The origin of this service goes back to apostolic times. The holy Apostle Paul, in the Epistle to the Romans, mentions the deaconess Phoebe. According to apostolic directions, deaconesses were chosen from among chaste virgins or widows who had been once married, faithful and God-fearing. According to the directions of the Council of Chalcedon, deaconesses were to be at least forty years old and to be accepted after intense examination. There were forty deaconesses at the Great Church of Constantinople under the Emperor Justinian. They prepared women for Baptism, helped the bishop at the Baptism of women, and in his place anointed parts of the body with the exception of the forehead, and cared for charity directed towards women. The service of deaconess ended in the East towards the thirteenth century, and in the West in the ninth century.


Occidental gazing Oriental said...

Last Sunday's reading was the establishment of the diaconate. This week is Acts 9 and the resurrection of Tabitha/Dorcas. After looking closely at the account of Tabitha's life in Joppa, although she is called a disciple, she seems characteristic of a deaconess.

As the first seven were "full of" the Holy Spirit and wisdom, St. Luke says she was "full of" good works and charitable deeds. And her care was for the widows, just as was the deacons.

Perhaps the upper room she was placed in was the church in her house at Joppa. But that is just speculation (cf. Acts 20:7-8).

Of course she could be just characteristic of a faithful disciple who followed the "true religion." But it's interesting to note the similarities between her and the first seven.

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