Thursday, May 20, 2010

Comment Weirdness

Normally when someone leaves a comment I receive an email containing the text of the comment, to alert me of it. Tonight I've received two comments by email (Maximus Daniel on "Orthodox Spirituality and the Philokalia" and Mark Montague on "Reading Group 1d") that didn't in fact show up in the comment boxes on the blog itself. I checked my comments setting, and everything seemed fine. Does anyone know what's going on?

UPDATE: Things seem to be working again, and the missing comments have reappeared.


Matthew said...

I went to look at the comments at "Orthodox Spirituality and the Philokalia" and although it says there are three comments, when I went to read them it says there are none. Maybe some Kantians are sabotaging your computer, or maybe it has a worm. (MAC - Apple - worm, tee-hee)


Felix Culpa said...

But this comment went through!

Ariston said...

It's possible the submitters could have deleted them, depending on the settings of your blog.

Ariston said...

And yes, I get the little "trash can" when I comment here, so that could be it.