Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Guardian Angel

Q & A with Fr Job:
Question: Is it true that, due to many sins, one’s Guardian Angel may leave someone?

Answer: The Guardian Angel is given to man at Baptism for his entire life. If someone lives a defiled life, then he departs from him, because his holiness is incompatible with the sinful stench that comes from such a person. However, the Guardian Angel does not completely abandon such a person. Having separated himself from him, he continues to pray for him who is under his heavenly protection. When that person wakes up spiritually, brings repentance and correction of his life, the Guardian Angel will return to him.


Anonymous said...

Guardian angels comes up often and I still don't get it. So my Angel hangs out with me for a few minutes after each confession and then runs off when I most need him as I have some rotted thought? That's some fine "guarding" they do.

I don't believe this. Just as I don't believe a human saint would abandon me in the midst of my troubles. Christ touched the untouchables and I'm quite sure the guardian angels do as well.

Besides we are all soak in sin anyway, I guess that means there are never any guardian angels around.

Kyralessa said...

I would think that "living a defiled life" means a lot more than committing a sin here or there; it means you're given over to sin completely and really don't care. In such a case, your guardian angel doesn't run off; you drive him off. He wants to be near you, but your sin prevents it. When you repent of that sin, he'll return as quick as he can.