Saturday, May 15, 2010

How the Reading Group WIll Work (Ideally)

Our reading of The Moral Idea of the Main Dogmas of the Faith by the Most Blessed Metropolitan Anthony of Kiev and Galicia will begin this Sunday. Here’s how I propose we proceed: Each week will be dedicated to one chapter, and each day of each week will be dedicated to one section of the given chapter. Therefore, for instance, the discussion for this week of the chapter “Moral Idea of he Dogma of the Holy Trinity” will work as follows:
  • Sunday: 1. Introduction
  • Monday: 2. Incomprehensibility of the Teaching About the Trinity
  • Tuesday: 3. The Gospel Similitude of the Divine Trinity
  • Wednesday: 4. Elucidation of Christ’s Words by Examples From Life
  • Thursday: 5. Definition of the Moral Idea of the Orthodox Dogma of the Trinity
  • Friday: 6. Dogma of the Trinity and Current Morals
For each day I will prepare a set of questions the purpose of which is to initiate and facilitate discussion, but discussion need not be limited to the set questions.

This is at least how we’ll deal with this first chapter this first week. If it doesn’t go well, we can change things next week. Your critical comments are very much welcome.

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