Monday, May 3, 2010

Another Reading Group Announcement

I've just received word from Synaxis Press that a large number of orders for the text of our online reading group, The Moral Idea of the Main Dogmas of the Faith by Metropolitan Anthony, has been received, and that they'll all be shipped out Monday morning. You still have time to order a copy if you haven't yet, as our first "meeting" isn't until May 16, two weeks from yesterday. So stop procrastinating and order a copy today!


Drew said...


Are they supposed to send you a confirmation email that they indeed received your order?

I have received no such email.

Just wondering.

Gabriel said...

I had a similar question. I put in the order, but I haven't received anything else.

Felix Culpa said...

I can't say. Though it's my guess that they don't send out confirmation emails. All I can do is reiterate that I was told all order received by this past Sunday went out the next day.

I've ordered from them before, and never had any problems.