Saturday, May 1, 2010

Reading Group Announcement

I have received a number of comments from people worried that they will not have received copies of the book The Moral Idea of the Main Dogmas of the Faith in time to join the reading group I've proposed. I have therefore pushed back the schedule by one week, so it now looks like this:

May 16: The Dogma of the Holy Trinity (online in Russian here)
May 23: The Dogma of the Incarnation
May 30: The Dogma of the Holy Spirit (online in Russian here)
June 6: The Dogma of the Church (online in English here and here, and in Russian here)
June 13: The Dogma of the Redemption (online in Russian here)

That should give everyone a little more than two weeks to acquire a copy of the book from Synaxis Press.

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