Tuesday, May 4, 2010

War and Peace Reading Group

In addition to our own reading group dedicated to Metropolitan Anthony's The Moral Ideas of the Main Dogmas of the Faith, another reading group is forming online, this one reading the Pevear and Volokhonsky translation of Tolstoy's War and Peace. Here is the official announcement:
W&P reading begins May 5
We are using the Pevear and Volokhonsky translation.
The reading schedule is as follows:
Volume One: May 5 – May 25
Volume Two: May 26 – June 8
Volume Three: June 9 – June 29
Volume Four: June 30 – July 20
Epilogue & Appendix: July 21 – August 18
Thus each segment is given a few weeks. There is not much to read in the Epilogue & Appendix, but still a three week time slot granted, which should give slackers who get behind some extra time to finish the book.
Bloggers should feel free to post on anything having to do with any portion of the book at any time they see fit, though the above schedule should be kept in mind insofar as keeping up with discussion, generally speaking. Bloggers who wish to participate should let Aaron at Logismoi and/or Owen the Ochlophobist know so that we can publicize all of the bloggers involved in the reading and keep track of their posts, to help facilitate a broader discussion.
For more details, follow The Ochlophobist or Logismoi.

I myself hope to participate. (I read it last year, but enjoyed it so much I'm looking forward to reading it again; although I still prefer Anna Karenina.) See you there!

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Matthew said...

I used to prefer Anna Karenina to War and Peace, but after spending time with both of them over the years, War and Peace has begun to be my favorite. As Literature, Anna Karenina is so impressive, it seem tough to beat, but both Levin and Anna, though they have their moments, can be tiresome people to read about sometimes. I just can't seem to tire of the Bolkonsky and Rostov families, however. They are so likable. I think that's what makes me enjoy W&P more. But we'll see what happens when I read it again!